Juliette Beavan

Juliette Beavan’s multi-faceted career started with a casual visit and an unusual request… KILL HANNAH were on the final day of recording when she popped by the studio.  All was a-flutter because their A&R man, John Rubeli, fatefully decided on the last day of recording that they needed female backing vocals on three songs. When Juliette arrived, they had exhausted their contacts, with no one being available at such short notice. Though he had never heard her sing, Sean asked if she would try a few “la-la-las”. 

When Juliette started to sing, mouths dropped behind the glass. They wrote and recorded 3 songs, brought them to Sean’s long-time manager, Shannon O’Shea, and 8mm was born. 

Shannon immediately took the sensual trip-hop songs to her music supervisor contacts and they quickly became popular in licensing circles. The Los Angeles Times was at their first show ever and tastemaker Kevin Bronson gave them his coveted thumbs up. 80% of their catalog has since been licensed, they continue to be critically acclaimed, and are known as one of the best live shows in the business. 

Due to the band’s credibility and popularity with other artists, Juliette started getting requests to cameo in independent films. To prepare for what seemed to be inevitable opportunities, she started acting training with Paul Kampf. Diving into acting with the same confidence and vigor as she did singing, Juliette made her acting debut in 2014 in indies, ‘June’ and ‘Death Valley’ and most notably recently appeared in Fox’s ‘Gotham’. 

She also found she had a passion for production and directing… 
She produced and starred in 2015’s ‘Everything In It’s Place’ and 2016’s ‘Lion Den’, which is collecting nominations at festivals across the U.S.


Look Out for Juliette on some popular TV shows: 
-GOTHAM (ep 20, season 1) 
-Completed score for the supernatural thriller feature (JUNE), from director - L. Gustavo Cooper. 
-"Everything In Its Place", short film Juliette starred in and produced. 
 - "Lion's Den", short film produced and starring Juliette.

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