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8MM was featured on FX series, "You're the Worst"
Check out the remix HERE! 


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Question from myspace... 

I thought I take today's post to answer a question left on myspace for us...
Future Unknown asked:
"Did you guys really do a remix for the Puscifer album?"

The answer is yes. We highly encourage you to look for updates on the Puscifer website -

The remix cd, "V is for Viagra - The Vagina Remixes", isn't available yet, (release date set for April 29th) but if you're keeping your eye out for's -
Cuntry Boner - (8mm Disco Viagra Remix)

And seriously, Sean named our remix and we had NO IDEA that the remix cd would be called "V is for Viagra"... so the double viagra reference is really a coincidence. Funny, huh? We shoulda known with Maynard though... ;)

Of course, while that remixes aren't available yet
(they will all be worth the know you wanna hear me yodel with Maynard...) can hear Sean's mix of "Trekka" on the player at the site right now.

So go have a listen and enjoy! I do...

Love, Juliette

Back from the desert... 

Ahh, Arizona...

I think Ryan Breen said it best,

(Ok, so it was late and cocktails were a'plentiful...but it really was pretty great.)

We really enjoyed the Art Detour/ First Fridays event... that's a really cool thing that you've got there Phoenix... seriously.

Now, I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the biggest fan of the desert, but it certainly does have its beauty... it took that pic on my phone on the way in...

...The desert might be growing on me...

It helps that we got to spend time with some good friends. Many whom we hadn't seen in some time. That really makes all the difference in the world.
We've always enjoyed playing for Phoenix crowds too... what can we say, we like it warm...(I could do with a bit more humidity, but c'est la vie)

Oh, I promised Jenn a picture from the show:

Me and Mr. Beavan...

I tug on my dress because I have a hard time being still...

Here's another of the Miniature Tigers, which by the way, their EPs "White Magic" and "Black Magic" are out if you dig 'em, go buy some music!

I didn't get many shots off because between the Mini Ts and Back-Ted-And- Ted, dancing was most certainly in order!

For more about those bands you can check out their label's site here:

They're good peeps over there, so show 'em some love if you like what you hear.

Oh, mes amis, I believe that that is all I have for you tonight. It's been a long weekend and I've still got to finish getting ready for our trip to Chile! (and possibly Buenos Aires!)

We're South America bound and looking forward to those shows!!


On our way... 

... to Phoenix soon... and I'm still not completely packed.

Oh well, it's a quick trip and it should be lots of fun...

I'll write more tomorrow. There are a couple things I'd like to share with you guys...

Oh and if you're in Phoenix, come down to the's free and all ages... (ya know, it's an art walk thingy)


Birthdays and friends 

Well, I won't be broadcasting the SRL show tonight. I am trying to get archives to Loop so he can rebroadcast past shows when I can't do it live. (possibly tonight included)

Why won't I be on tonight?

For one, I think I need to replace the DSL modem AT &T gave us four thousand years ago...

Next, (and a MUCH better reason to miss *work*)... We're going to one of our best friend's, (Dave P's), birthday party tonight!! Yay!

He and his wife, Kathleen, are part of a group of people that are more like family to us, really. You know, those people you're inexplicable drawn too, but know instantly that you will remain friends regardless of time or distance... Yeah, they're like that for us. We're very lucky to have a group like that in our lives...we never doubt the good fortune of that.

More tomorrow~ love, Juliette

Monday, monday... 

Well, the doctor says I don't have the plague, but that I'm just in a state of general misery.


But it should be over soon, which is actually nice.

In better news, we are still planning to go the Phoenix this weekend for the First Friday Art Walk...very cool.

all for now...


P.S. (1:54pm)

I just saw the comments, and in response, we will definitely get some pictures from the Art Walk show and any trouble we may happen to get into during the if you see us in downtown Phx, don't be shy, say hello and...who knows we may post your picture...

Our manager will be with us so we'll get her to take a video clip during the set... a little sumpin', sumpin' for ya Jenn... ;)


Sunday evening... 

So, in the first of what will be daily updates, ramblings and musings... I have but one thing to say...

I'm sick. It's ridiculous. I was determined not to catch the damned plague that's going around Los Angeles, but here I sit...coughing hideously, and grumbling.... feeling like someone poured broken glass down my throat.

I hate it. (I know, who likes being sick, right?)

Ah well, c'est la vie, I suppose... however, I have decided that I'll be rid of this by Wednesday or Thursday.

So there.

Besides, Sean and I will be in Phoenix this weekend, so I can't be sick for that. We're going to play an acoustic set Friday night on Roosevelt Row around 7:15pm. A bunch of our Phoenix friends have told us all about the First Fridays art walks, so I'm really looking forward to it.

Ok, so I had more than one thing to say... but that will be true most of the time.

Bonne nuit!